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Head Chef Profile

Our Head Chef is Andrew Jones. We've done a bit of a Q&A session with him, so here are his reponses!


1. What is your favourite restaurant (excluding Worsley Arms)?

So many good ones in north Yorkshire, I tend to stick to the ones where I know the Chef as I always get looked after. Best meals this year have been at The Grand in YORK and The Park Restaurant, also in YORK

Note that I rarely go out to eat as I'm nearly always working!!

2. What is you favourite dish to cook at the moment?

Everything on the new menu is really good so I enjoy cooking them all, from hand made pies to foie gras and duck terrine, and even our home made breads to our petit fours - it all means so much to me.

3. What is you favourite food to cook with?

I have so much to pick from it is really hard to choose. I have the best suppliers I have ever had; rare breed beef, foie gras, morel mushrooms, summer truffle, fine cheeses, Hovingham lamb, free range YORK herb fed chicken, and Wellocks - I am a very lucky Chef!

4.  Did you cook when you were growing up, and who inspired you?

I did cook and did cooking as an option at school; only 2 boys in a class of 40! My father was a great cook - he came from a farming family so everything tasted great, done the traditional ways - excellent ingredients from the farm with that loving touch.

5. Before you became a Chef, did you think that's what you'd be, or something else?

I had the chance of signing for Yorkshire cricket club but my father said the money wasn't that good! Maybe looking at that now he was wrong. I also thought about being a royal marine, I did the introduction test; way too hard! I also considered being an electrician, but found it too fiddly! 

6. What was it that got you into cooking? Cook books, TV, your parents?

When I was 14, I went for a part time job at The Royal YORK Hotel just to earn some weekend money. I then worked every weekend and every week in the holidays, left school on the Wednesday and started at 6.00 am on the Thursday for my full time British transport hotel apprenticeship.

7. Where did you train? Would you recommend it?

I did my apprenticeship at the royal YORK hotel which was owned by orient express hotels. As part of this I worked in the Orient express, Gleneagles, Turnberry - a very hard apprenticeship, but worth every minute.

Then I went to The Caledonian hotel in Edinburgh, Jeff bland was the Head Chef - a brigade of 78 chefs and I worked in the French restaurant. It was a different world and the food was amazing.

Being a Chef is very hard, to be a good one is even harder - you must have a love and passion for it to work. It has served me well.

8. What's the best piece of advice you'd give a home cooking enthusiast?

Salt and pepper makes the difference; prepare well and you cook what you want, but do it with love.

9. What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

I am very lucky to have been backed by the hotel owners we gave bought some excellent kitchen equipment. I'd say my VAC PAC machines, Clifton water bath and my new chocolate aerater.

10. Funniest kitchen incident?

They have been a few but the funniest one is:

When I was 16 I was down stairs in the big larder section at the Royal YORK and the head chef screamed down the intercom that he needed 200 more bread rolls so I rushed to the bakery oven and put the rolls in. I carried on working then realised I had put them in the oven on plastic trays! I didn't know what to do; go home or face the rath my head chef! I went up to see him and it was the first and last time I saw him laugh!

11. Do you have a philosophy that you always try to stick to?

You must have passion for food. Use it. Buy quality produce, look after your staff, work hard and prep well.

12. Who cooks at home?

My wife does 95% of the cooking but she has been trained well - 28 year apprenticeship, she cooks really well, just ask my 4 boys!!

13. Anything else you'd like to tell us?

I live in Hovingham and love it here. My wife is a great support (works part time at the Worsley, but not in the kitchen!). I have 4 boys, 1 of who is in charge of fine dining at The Grand in York. He helps out here sometimes and bring his new techniques and cooking methods with him.

I've been at the Worsley Arms for 2.5 years, but did a 6 year stint between 1994 and 2000, over which time we won many awards. Have worked part-time previously over a number of years. Previously worked at The Grange in York and Bilborough Manor, again winning major food awards. I've done a lot of cooking for Sir William and lady Worsley for many years.

I am a Michelin bib gourmand winner and am always looking to improve.

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